Women In Politics – Is it really a good idea?

Today’s political landscape is changing. Worldwide media, access to unlimited information, and forward leaps in science have been altering the way people view governments and political figures. However, the most threatening of all of these changes is the increase of women in politics. Although there are countless reasons to keep women out of politics, here are just five of the most important points.

They are too emotional.

One only needs to look back at the 2016 Presidential Race to understand why women should not be allowed in politics. After all, look at the behavior of the candidates! One obviously had no control over their emotions whatsoever. Every time someone critiqued their character, they went on a Twitter rampage. When a reporter asked an uncomfortable question, they couldn’t help but mock his disability. When a media source runs a story questioning their choices, they angrily call the source fake! Who could act in such a way but a woman? While the other candidate, cool, calm, and collected, accepted criticisms with aplomb, answered questions with respect, and kept a level head throughout debates. Obvious emotional disabilities are just one reason women should be left out of politics.

They are stone-cold bitches.

Going back to the 2016 election, the world was shown how cold and calculating Mrs. Clinton really is. After all, how can someone stay so calm in the face of such hatred? She is obviously incapable of caring what others think of her, so how could she ever be well-liked? We all know that the most capable and respected women are the ones who are accommodating and well-liked by all men.

Furthermore, everyone knows at least one man that has actually been rejected by a woman. This is an outrage! Why are women not flattered by the attentions of men? They must be cold, calculating, and unemotional in order to not be moved by the condescension of a man’s attention. What a terrible combination for politics.

They are bad with money: they spend it all on clothes and make-up!

Regardless of whether female politicians are judged more harshly on their appearances than male politician, it is unforgivable that a woman tries to look her best in public. After all, if a woman is criticized for looking old or disheveled that just means that she can’t be qualified as a public servant. Only young, attractive women are of any use to men. So trying to alter one’s appearance with respectable clothes or make-up is really just a lie and spending money on such things is irresponsible. However, if a woman doesn’t try to look respectable and attractive, then she obviously doesn’t care enough about her appearance to be a public figure. And God forbid she buy a polyester pantsuit from Marshalls, what an embarrassment to the distinction of political leaders!

No, if a woman doesn’t care enough to buy expensive makeup and clothes to impress her male colleagues or if she cares enough to spend money on such trifles, she obviously does not belong in politics.

They are too hot and will distract male politicians.

If women show up to the Senate or House wearing skirts that show their knees, how will the male congressmen be able to focus? It’s definitely not a man’s responsibility to control their own urges, so temptation must be removed entirely. This means that no women can be present in politics. Otherwise, nothing will get done, or it will be too influenced by the effect these women have.

Women also use their bodies to manipulate men. They obviously love being objectified and use their feminine wiles to get what they want. We can’t expect men to hold up against such witchcraft, so we must make sure they are protected.

Having women in politics is untraditional.

For hundreds of years, men have ruled the political landscape. Why change anything? I mean, sure, the plague ran rampant for hundreds of years and that wasn’t good. And the fiefdom oppressed millions of people. Traditional medicines didn’t work very well, people used to think the sun revolved around the earth, and some unfortunate souls had hot pokers stuck down their throats because they were suspected of being fairies, but men were in charge all this time and they can stay in charge. Sure, they burned hundreds of innocent people at the stake based on superstition, but that was because those women threatened men’s grip on power and property. The men were clearly in the right. There is no reason to change tradition or move forward in any way, so men should stay in charge forever.

Don’t be fooled by these silly modern ideas of equality. If statistics show us anything, women get more done as congresspeople, and that is unnecessary. It is far better to be stuck in permanent tugs-of-war and pissing competitions. So stand with the right side, keep women out!

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