Sara Kuenzi

Hello, friends! I'm here, wherever that is! I've been traveling for a while now, from New Zealand to California, to Texas, Nevada, Arkansas, and finally, Cambodia. I love to experience new places and cultures. I try to challenge myself to be comfortable with discomfort wherever I am, whether that means trying a new food or embarking on a 14-day trek. There's nothing quite so enlightening as realizing how little you really know about the world and living abroad definitely reminds me of that daily. So I strive to learn as much as I can in as many places as I can! It takes a lot of courage to pick up and leave your comfort zone, but if you want to truly experience life, it is necessary. So sometimes you have to take a page our of Shia Le'Beouf's book and "JUST DO IT!"

This can be particularly challenging for those struggling with their mental health. I have diagnosed depression and general anxiety disorder, which adds another hurdle to long-term travel. But I aim to show the world that living and traveling with mental illness is not only possible but can be incredibly healing. I hope that reading about my experiences with travel self-care can inspire others who feel trapped by their mental illness.